WinVideo Kiosks and Browsing Terminals

WinVideo module to handle automatic vending machines is called "WinVideoRobot".

Vending machines (here named as "Robot") managed by WinVideoRobot can be:

  • Pincer driven
  • Gravity (or any) driven

WinVideoRobot uses a driver provided by manifacturer for the following instructions (bold=pincer robot;black=common)

  • Reset
  • Pick a product
  • Place a product
  • Move Axis
  • Read barcode or product ID (laser barcode)
  • Read member card or ID

On gravity robots the supervisor can manually input products using barcode laser or other devices

The WinVideoRobot protocol is available to manifacturers. Communications allowed via Serial (RS232) port and/or USB and/or sockets.

WinVideoRobot is an indipendent Windows executable file running on Windows 2000,XP,Vista,7,8 and any Server edition, 32 or 64 bit.

WinVideoRobot requires:

  • a PC with network card, Touch Screen monitor (at least 1024x768 pixels), ADSL and electric energy optionally inside a browsing terminal dedicated hardware
  • an optional hardware device to identify the customer and read credit cards (barcode scanner, magnetic card reader, chip card reader): (please note customers can also login with email address, mobile number, name and date of birth)
  • an optional cash reader to allow customers to recharge their account with cash

More technical informations can be asked to our department: [email protected]